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Population placed to 13 kilometers of Kitchen garden of Mrs Godina, capital of Region of Valdejalón. In the economy of the area has a significant weight the wines production of big quality, under the Denomination of Origin Cariñena.

Of the Arab domination it has left his name Almonacid and also her configuration of the streets and of the primitive hamlet. In 1884 it discovered after a few manuscripts knocked down a few houses with characters Arab. They had been hidden undoubtedly when the expulsion of Moriscos. There are forms of copilados contracts as formulae of Xth century, for Abu Muhammad to the Qasí and Ibu Qasín to the Chazirí. Abu Muhammad was the lawyer of dead Alpuente in 1070; Ibu Casín was a Cadi of Algeciras died in 1189.

The whole Town shows his Moslem past, especially the quarter of the Moorish lands, to which one gains access across a beautiful arch aimed. Another two arches surprise scarcely one comes to the population: That of San Anthony, in arch pointed and constructed in brick, sample his singular beauty from the interior of the square, in which still it preserves a certain elegance in the buildings; and that of the Pawl, nearby the same of the Consistorial House renovated to the Aragonese style.

The called arch of the Jewry, in the way of The Kitchen garden, is the one that was leading to the above mentioned quarter. It has been restored and surprises his beauty, both from the exterior and from the interior.

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The Castle
The Church
The Source
Consistorial house
House of Count Graneros
Stove of Pottery
Wine vaults
Doors of the Town

Felix is provided with several and excellent restaurants like the Inn of 20 plates or the restaurant. It is possible to lodge in the rural house Lola in an agreeable environment.

Holidays: On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of Resurrection, popular meal in the one that there taste the "culecas", typical sweet roll, which contains hard-boiled eggs. On Sunday following May 3 it realizes the pilgrimage to the sanctum of the Virgin of Lagoons, in municipal Alfamén term. From September 8 until September 13 the management holidays are celebrated in honor to San Nicolás of Tolentino. (ftes and text to see links)

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