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Beautiful municipal term placed in plenary meeting heart of the region Community of Calatayud on the banks of the river Landmark.

Alhama brings in his Arab name the memory of the thermal waters that have made the village famous: the place name means "the source thermal", and it was named in Roman epoch as Aquae Bilbilitanorum. The medicinal springs that already used those who named to place keep on being used in our days with therapeutic ends.

Urban fruit of the stay presents a picturesque city center formed by a complicated helmet during centuries of the Moslem domain. In he there get up good examples of popular architecture of the area

Buildings of Interest:

- the Castle is the most ancient building of Alhama of Aragon. It arises pictorially on the comb that strangulates the step of the river Landmark and his silhouette is well familiar to the travelers of the highway and railroad, since it rises on each tunnels. Small enclosure and his tower consists of one , it was constructed during the XIVth century and XV, since it is mentioned in the war of the Pedros.

- the Parochial Church constructed in 1626 has two doors side, a semispherical dome, his altar is of style churrigeresco and the tower is of Mudejar style.

- town hall, large house of modernist style inagurado on October 7 of 1881.

- schools constructed in 1898 are very well preserved.

- he marries Palace, placed in the Square Joaquín Costa, this mágnifica house - palace is completely restored.

- bullring

The establishments of thermal baths, the castle, the ravine, the houses packed on the foot of the rocks, the highway and the river: with these elements Alhama it shapes the only urban scenery.

In Alhama there are several spas, but what more he emphasizes is his impressively thermal lake - the only in Spain - of almost two hectares of surface, with two islands and an impressive wealth of crystalline waters that sprout to 34th.

Alhama of Aragon, in addition to a wide scale of services of accommodation and restoration, stands out for his strong character handmade. Two are the workshops of ceramic craft those that keep on realizing excellent works following the ancient ways and introducing some current variant.

Holidays: On February 2 and 3, the Virgin of the Candles is celebrated and San Blas respectively. On the most nearby Sunday on the day of San Gregorio (May 9), realizes the pilgrimage to the chapel of the Saint. On May 22 the pilgrimage takes place to the Saint's chapel Quiteria. The management holidays in honor to San Roque, celebrate between 14 and on August 17. (ftes and text to see links)

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